We are so confident that The Attitude Box is the answer you are looking for, that if within 60 days of purchase you do not agree that maintaining control of your children is less stressful and that your children are gaining in self-esteem and control. Return the Attitude Box and unused supplies for a full refund of the purchase price  
It Is The Consistent Way To Stop The Negative Behavior and Get Back In Control!
Children Identify Their Own Behavior and Bring Themselves Into Accountability.

When one of your children acts out, it is time for intervention. There are three types of intervention. First, there is denial, ignore the problem or deny that the negative behavior has occurred. This, of course, does not work and will only make things worse. Second, the parent directly intercedes and brings the situation under control by calling the child into accountability. This usually results in the child being told they are bad, (reducing self esteem) or the child is given consequences, deprivation, time out, or worse (further reducing self-esteem). It is only a temporary fix, as a child with low self-esteem will only act out more often.

Third, you can allow the children to bring themselves into accountability. Now you are doing the right thing. Best of all, you're not punishing the children for negative behavior, you are rewarding the children for proper responses and reinforcing their choice of correct behavior and that builds relationships. The training of the correct behavior is reinforced. Self-esteem is enhanced by the child affirming themselves as a person who chooses correct behavior. No crying, no yelling, and no more stress; just one more sticker on the achievement chart.